Donate to the library
Donating to the library is now easier than ever. Simply fill out the form below and donate through our website. Donations are made through PayPal. If you would like to donate via mail or in person simply download the form below and send it with your donation. Donations to the library are tax deductible.

The library acknowledges all donations to the donor (s) or to others if the donation is to honor someone or if it is a memorial gift.   If you wish to speak to someone about a monetary donation, please call Lindsey Milam, Library Director at 334 365-3396 Ext. 13.  Additional information can be found on the link to our donations policy.
If you wish to donate books or other materials please call the library circulation desk at 334 365-3396 Ext. 14 and speak to someone about the donation.  If you have a large donation of books, bring them to the library's loading dock at the back door of the library.  A staff person will meet you and help unload the materials.  
For more information please read the library's donation policy.
Click here for a donation form.    
Additionally, the library is always looking for crafting and programming supplies. If you have any items that you think might be of use to us, call (334)365-3396 ext. 17 or refer to THIS list to see if we'd use it. Your donations are greatly appreciated!

"Fill out the form below with your donation details, and then click the Donate button to visit the Paypal site and provide your payment details.