Teen Volunteering

Our Teen Advisory Board (TAB) is the best way for tweens and teens to volunteer at the library!

TAB is a volunteer organization for tweens and teens in 7th-12th grade (ages 12-18).


TAB members are expected to be outstanding representatives of their community, be peer leaders/have the potential to grow into a peer leader, be service minded, and be able to dedicate a minimum of one hour per month during the school year and thirty hours during the summer. 


The benefits of TAB membership are service to the local community, making new friends and connections in a meaningful and fun way, work experience, and volunteer/service hours (for those who need them as part of their graduation or extra-curricular requirements).


If you have any questions about TAB, please email tbear@appl.info or call 334.365.3396 x13.


Download A Printable TAB Application