Babies and children under 5 years of age (not yet in kindergarten)
are encouraged toparticipate in this fun program!
Reading to your child helps develop pre-reading skills
that prepare your child for success in school and in life.
Reading together will create bonding and learning opportunities and life-long memories.
This program encourages you to read 1000 books to your child before they start
kindergarten. Keep track of the number of books read with our fun reading logs and you
can also make a record of the titles in a notebook. Titles can include ANY books read to
your child by a sibling, grandparent, babysitter, teacher or Ms. Lisa at story time! And yes,
the same title you read over and over again counts each time you read it!
The program can take anywhere from a few months to a few years,
it just depends on how often you read to your child.
For every 50 books you read to your child, he/she will get a small prize (stickers, bookmarks, etc).
Once they meet their goal of 1000 books, they will have earned a prize and will recieve
an invitation to our annual 1000 Books Before Kindergarten Graduation!
Print your reading logs: