Library of Things

Beyond Books - We offer a variety of resources for check out!

  • Hotspots - free to check out, click here to reserve one today
  • Board Games - click here to see a list of all our board games available for check out 
  • Launch Pads - click here to see a list of all our Launch Pads available for check out Early learning tablets for children ages 2-8 years old. 
  • Text Magnifier - A device used to magnifiy words on a page. Contact the library for more information.
  • Learning Kits - Click here to see a list of all our Learning Kits. We offer several kits with varying themes. Each kit includes books and manipulatives for children ages 0-5 years old. 
  • School Readiness Kits - Click here to see a list of all our School Readiness Kits. We offer several kits with resources to help young children prepare for Kindergarten. 
  • CD Players - we have three available for check out. Call the library for more information.
  • Projectors - we have two types of projector available for check out, a digital projector, and a overhead projector. Call the library for more information about the availability of our projectors. 
  • Brand New! Orion StarBlast 4.5" Telescope - We have a telescope for one-week check out along with a bag of useful accessories. Signing a contract is required before checking out the telescope. Please contact library staff for more information.
  • Brand New! Cake Pans - Cake pans individually available for check out up to two weeks. Try out our new Barnie-shaped pan, a heart-shaped pans, a football-shaped pan, Build-A-Bear, Barbie or Pocahontas mold, chocolate sphere molds, spacers, and more! 
  • Brand new! American Girl Dolls - We have 9 American girls for circulation along with an accompanied book. Local Prattville history cards soon to come as well. 
  • Brand new! Sony CD/DVD Player - 1 Sony CD/DVD player for circulation if want to watch any DVDs but lack a DVD player. Does not play Blu-Ray discs. Available for 2 week check out!
  • Brand new! SWIFT Compound Student Microscope - USB-Friendly compound student microscrope, great for school projects, general interest, STEM research, etc. Available for 1 week check out!
  • Brand new! Basic Tool Kits - Two bags containing a basic set of tools to check out for anyone in need of home repair or construction projects. Or if you get locked out of your house or car, we've got you covered. Available for 2 week checkout!
  • Brand new! Energy Watt Meter - This power meter is a monitoring and testing instrument which determines the power consumption of a connected appliance and the cost of the electricity consumed, helping users to track their electric consumption and reduce the power bill and carbon emissions. It is available for a 1-week check out!
  • Brand New! Lab Kit - A circulation-friendly lab kit great for all curious minds and ages. Available for a 1 week check out!
  • Brand New! Trash Grabbers - Accessible for all ages, these extendable and foldable trash grabbers are great for picking up trash in your local area or for patrons with bending immobility issues. The ends are also magnetic for picking up small, metallic objects. Available for a 2-week check out!