TAB Picks!

TAB Member: Burgandy H.

Age: 15

Recommended book: Revenge of Magic


Author: James Riley


Recommened for: 13-15


Synopsis: Fort has seen a giant monster emerge from the ground and kidnap his father. He has watched the news for weeks, plotting to take his father back. Now he is sent to a school for kids who have supernatural powers because of their birthdays. How can he save his father, while under the careful watch of his new, strict teachers?


Why I recommend this book: Very adventurous, and a few plot twists. You never know what comes next.



TAB Member: Sadie V.


Recommended Book: Storey’s Guide to Raising Ducks: Breeds, Care, Health

Author: Holderread , Dave

Recommended for:      13+

Brief Synopsis: If you want to learn how to raise ducks this is the book for you

Why I recommend this book: This book has helped me so much when I first started raising ducks.


TAB Member: Rae W.

Age: 14

Recommended Book: In Another World With My Smartphone (Manga Series)

Author: Patora Fuyuhara

Recommended for:   13+

Brief Synopsis:

A guy dies and God gives him another chance at life and puts him in a different world. The only thing he keeps from his previous life is his smartphone.

Why I recommend this book:

It is a really good Manga series, and it’s cool to see a different world. It’s just a neat concept overall.